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3 Things You Should Never Have Thrown Away

Any true fashion aficionado has been disciplined with the dogma to never throw anything away lest the demons that dwell in the space where clothes go to die should ever rise up and threaten the sanctity of your decisions when a castaway style returns to say “I’M BAAACK”! This being said, there just isn’t enough space in anyone’s closet to keep every article of clothing you’ve ever owned. So how do you find that happy median between reckless abandon and pinchfist miser? It’s really quite simple. Just use the same skills you enlisted when acquiring your fashionables and… picky! Now, check out some of the flair that’s back with a vengeance!

Ever heard the saying, “less is more?” Even if you feel like wearing a skirt made of less material than a sock, try pairing it with some tight ankle leggings and heels to maintain that sexy appeal while mystifying gawkers everywhere.


The High-Waist Skirt
This is a touchy subject because you want to avoid looking like your grandma but if done right this textile could become your best friend. Consider that they have the potential to hide a little excess “water weight”. Couple it with the right top and you’ll bring new meaning to the phrase “they didn’t make them like that in my day!”


News flash!!! These days you don’t have to be retiring from Wall Street or have escaped from a 70’s disco video to adorn a blazer. Today’s woman can pull this off by leaving the front open or use one button in the middle to compliment your low waist pantalones. Just remember to leave hose bulky shoulder pads out of the equation.

Bow Ties
Yes, James Bond wore them and so did your dad but, guess what? Theeey’re baaack! With the right bow tie a simple suit becomes a mobile masterpiece. But keep it real and learn how to tie one
because clip-ons are for kids.

Shoe Strings
There is something to be said about being comfortable. And that is, “sacrifices have to be made”. If you want to be a style guy and make an impression you won’t sport Crocs with dress slacks. Spring for a decent pair of classic shoe string, semi to no-sheen dress shoes that will have them saying “lookin’ good!” Get a pair that follows the contour of the type of slacks you wear and stay away from potato loafers, only your mom thinks they’re cute.

Grey Pants
Black is classy but a nice shade of gray goes a long way to separate you from the rest of the herd. Besides, everyone knows that black helps blur less desirable features but if you’ve got the physique then gray is a color that won’t hide the goods.